Blessing for my Children / Single

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Blessing For My Children


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Blessing for my Children (12min) is the 3rd track from the 'I Am That I Am' album.



Intent: Prayer of Love and Peace for Our Children.



Suggested meditation:


- Begin by feeling yourself immersed in a closed cylinder of platinum white light.

- Intend to have a child or baby close to you. It may or may not be someone you already know.

- If you are a woman, imagine he/she is in your womb. If you are a man, imagine he/she is in your arms.

- Wrap him/her with your love.



You may have the guidance of welcoming several beings at the same time.


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Story of this song:


The first years of my reconnection to who I am, from 2017, I made discoveries about the reality of what is happening on Earth. I then realized that many children were being abused in the greatest of silences. On many occasions, I spent several days crying, in utter sadness, feeling the suffering of these children.

One day, I went so far as to isolate myself for several days in the forest and cry all the tears of my body. While I had been lying without eating for many hours, I stood up, looked up at the sky and asked for help. And there, all of a sudden, in a moment of grace, came to me this melody and these words.

Since then, as soon as I feel sadness for the children, I sing this ode to Love for them.



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Blessing for my Children, 

My love is in you. 

Blessing for my Children, 

I am caring for you. 

With all my heart,

I am kissing you.

With all my faith,

I am praying for you.


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