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I Am That I Am


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The ' I Am That I Am'  album is made of 3 songs:







This album is a result of my daily experiment with singing.

My goal with the first song is that it connects with who you are.

The second will offer you Heart Protection and Healing.

The third song is a benediction for our Children.


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Intent and Story of these songs:


God, Sovereign, Free:


Intent: Bring you Protection and Connection to Who You Are.


In the first years of my reconnection to who I am, from 2017, I strongly felt the need for a protection technique. At that time, I was a real sponge. I had the impression that I was being put through the suffering of everyone. The worst was when I went shopping.

Then I would need long hours of lying down to get over it. One day, instinctively, this melody came to me. Then, every time I went into a public place, I sang it. I always felt that it allowed me to create a protective field around me and to connect with my guidance.




Intent: to bring you Heart Healing and Heart Protection. 


During the first months of my Reconnection to Who I Am, starting in 2017, I felt this strong need to Heal my Heart. Since I was a child, he had been so bumped that it was time for me to dwell on him and give him all my attention and especially a lot of Love and Softness.

I did this in various ways, notably through painting but also through this song. The 7 tones: Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ta Ha La, participate in the healing of your heart and to go beyond mental control patterns. This is what I was able to learn, experience and integrate through a meditation that you can find in the sources.

The melody of this song came to me as a matter of course and I have sung it countless times while laying my hands on my Heart.



Blessing for my Children:


Intent: Prayer of Love and Peace for Our Children. 


The first years of my reconnection to who I am, from 2017, I made discoveries about the reality of what is happening on Earth. I then realized that many children were being abused in the greatest of silences. On many occasions, I spent several days crying, in utter sadness, feeling the suffering of these children.

One day, I went so far as to isolate myself for several days in the forest and cry all the tears of my body. While I had been lying without eating for many hours, I stood up, looked up at the sky and asked for help. And there, all of a sudden, in a moment of grace, came to me this melody and these words.

Since then, as soon as I feel sadness for the children, I sing this ode to Love for them.



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 CD Version




 'I am God, Sovereign, Free' terms come from the Energetic Synthesis website:  Step1: The Agreement and Request for Intercession

Regarding the 'Karayasatahala' term please have a look to the Ascension Glossary website from The Lisa Renée Energetic Synthesis structure:





Note: the proposed price is in coherence with who I am. However this price remains free, in conscience and I accept barter proposals. 



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Benoit on 03-17-2021 08:50 PM
Véritable voyage intérieur, libération émotionnelle en fin de CD. Très belle voix.
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