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Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ha La


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KaRaYaSaTaHaLa (14.4 min) is the 2nd track from the 'I Am That I Am' album.



Intent: to bring you Heart Healing and Heart Protection. 



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Story of this song:



During the first months of my Reconnection to Who I Am, starting in 2017, I felt this strong need to Heal my Heart. Since I was a child, he had been so bumped that it was time for me to dwell on him and give him all my attention and especially a lot of Love and Softness.

I did this in various ways, notably through painting but also through this song. The 7 tones: Ka Ra Ya Sa Ta Ta Ha La, participate in the healing of your heart and to go beyond mental control patterns. This is what I was able to learn, experience and integrate through a meditation that you can find in the sources.

The melody of this song came to me as a matter of course and I have sung it countless times while laying my hands on my Heart.


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Digital Version 




For the 'Karayasatahala' term please have a look to the Ascension Glossary website from The Lisa Renée Energetic Synthesis structure:



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Jean-Michel on 02-05-2021 07:02 AM
Il y’a en Ka Ra Ya
Un peu d’éternité
Juliette sait cela
Ecoutez la chanter…

Il y’a en Ka Ra Ya
Comme un peu de mystère
Qui vous transportera
Autour de l’Univers…

Il y’a en Ka Ra Ya
Des couleurs d’émotion
Qui vont bien au-delà
D’une simple guérison.
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